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A brand-new tactical RPG by SQUARE ENIX. Experience a dramatic story told in stunning HD-2D graphics, with a complex battle system reminiscent of retro tactical RPGs. Players will be forced to make difficult choices as they navigate the war-torn land of Norzelia. Where will your convictions lead you?

The tale begins with Serenoa, heir to a high house in Glenbrook, welcoming his future bride, Lady Frederica of Aesfrost, to his home of Wolffort. Their marriage is political, aimed at strengthening their nations’ ties while curbing the power of Hyzante. However, the groom is not a prince of Glenbrook nor is the bride a princess of Aesfrost. They are the son of a vassal house and the daughter of the former archduke’s concubine. But this was a purposeful choice, one made so the parties involved could cast them away should the relations between the three nations change for the worse…

Thirty years have passed since the SaltironWar. The three nations have begun operations at a jointly owned iron mine, which was meant to be a symbol of peace. Serenoa and his house accompany Roland there, for he has been tasked with overseeing the mine. The mining director is none other than Dragan Aesfrost, Frederica’s cousin. Like Serenoa and the others, he is an ardent youth who dreams of creating a new era, and the new mine is meant to do just that. However, that night in the mines, a dark shadow encroaches upon the party…


  • No. of players: 1 player

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