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No Man’s Sky — the visually stunning and acclaimed adventure survival game is now available on your Nintendo Switch consoles!

Play as a traveller as you traverse an infinite, uncharted ecosystems, which includes over 18 quintillion planets, all made possible by the game’s defining feature: a procedurally generated deterministic open world universe.

With each planet hosting its own unique ecosystems, rewards, and dangers, players can engage in four primary gameplay pillars: Explore, Fight, Trade and Survive. They also have the choice to explore in offline single-player mode, or connect with fellow travellers online:

  • Explore: be the first to land on beautiful, unknown planets teeming with life. Survive hazardous environments, where alien civilizations seek their fortune and outlaws take it by force.
  • Build: go solo or team up to build anything from small outposts to complex multi-planet colonies. Farm for resources, hire helpers, or build a mobile base in your freighter.
  • Multiplayer: experience up to 32 player multiplayer when you summon the social hub, the Space Anomaly, from anywhere in the universe. Form a group, go on inter-galactic missions together or visit each other’s bases.
  • Community: Join one of the thriving community Galactic Hubs, where you and like-minded travellers can create a new frontier.

Product Details

Title name: No Man’s Sky
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release date: 7 October 2022
Number of players: 1 player
Genre: Adventure, Survival
Copyright: ©2013-2022 Hello Games Ltd